With his passion for music, Grégoire Fratacci is not only the author of sensual poetry, he is also a songwriter. Inspired by his friend, the musician Fabrizio Peco, who instilled in him the taste for writing, he discovered his talent as a lyricist and tried his hand at song writing.

As a writer, enthralled by the musicality of words, music is a driving force. His musical preferences could hardly be more eclectic, ranging from pop, rock, rap, reggaeton and hip-hop to Latino and country. In parallel with his literary production, the author has worked on writing lyrics for a range of different musical genres.

For his lyrics, the songwriter finds inspiration in all that surrounds and touches him: a brief encounter in the street, an advert seen by chance, a piece of music or a music video, an article, and almost anything he happens to read. Each fragment then becomes an element in his musical composition, “assembled” by the lyricist so that they play together as if a patchwork. The texts of his songs are constructed like an album of collages, where each piece is an instant in the life of the songwriter.

His first musical composition was born in 2017. The songwriter Hedayat Mirnezami set to music the words of Promesse, a text from the Sensual’Été collection, performed by the R&B duo Moka. The result is a blend of African rhythms (the voice of the rapper Kahuser Bela), melody and hip-hop with a soft Italian accent (vocals by Mark Soul, AKA Marco Olivieri).

The eponymous song of the album released in 2018, Promesse translates into notes that dance through the sensual universe of the lyricist. The Italian touch of this musical composition is much more than just an aesthetic detail: the songwriter adores Italy, its language and its culture. “Fan per sempre” of the singer J-Ax, he continues to cultivate his musical composition whilst waiting to realise his most ambitious dream: to pen the lyrics for a well-known Italian artist.

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"Andiamo Avanti" is the first single written and composed by G-FRA, which contains reflections on the values of life, dealing with issues that are widespread among young people. It starts from common daily difficulties, up to deeper and more delicate issues such as bullying, with the intent to encourage the listener to believe in themselves and in their dreams.