Author of erotic texts and songs, Grégoire Fratacci is currently working on the perfect sequel to Sensual'Été. Continuing the same theme, his next literary project is a collection of sensual texts with eroticism as the spice of life par excellence.

In terms of music, the writer is creating two new compositions: a French-Italian rap and a lively Latin American song certain to have you dancing and ready to party.


Grégoire Fratacci was born in Monaco on 13 June 1970.

Eclectic and effervescent, the self-taught writer pursued his learning to quench his thirst for new discoveries, his intellectual curiosity pushing him to explore different fields.

The author undertook classic and business studies that promised him a brilliant career in the financial sector. And yet it had always been the world of the arts that drew him irresistibly, with a notable preference for song and writing. A true Epicurean, the writer delights in the musicality of words; love, Eros and humour forming his favourite themes. He embarked on literary experiments with the musician and composer Fabrizio Peco, his associate and mentor. The artist took the game very seriously: “when the pupil is ready, the master appears”, he was told, an encouragement to cultivate his limitless passion.

The author became increasingly aware of his taste for writing. Fabrizio Peco invited him to pursue one of his dreams to its logical conclusion: taking up his pen to compose texts, developing his creativity by becoming an author himself. An adventure that came to fruition in 2017 with Sensual’Été, a collection of erotic stories that seeks to transport the reader to the writer’s own personal universe, a world where the love of life, travel and sublime encounters, take centre stage.