Grégoire Fratacci has always wanted and loved to write.

For this author of erotic texts, writing is a desire, a challenge and a driving force. The profession of writer, novelist or screenwriter has always been his great dream and from his very earliest age, the author saw himself writing a best-seller and becoming a successful author. He literally devoured all the works by Prévert, which taught him to appreciate the musicality of words. He then discovered the surrealist movement, falling under the charm of a writing style that had its own very unique humour. The future writer particularly liked the quirky, off-beat, daring and rebel nature of true artists totally at ease with themselves and their work.

The author demonstrates a real delight in penmanship and a love of elegant literature. Although his head led him to the world of finance, his heart never abandoned his true passion. Writing represents a means to ceaselessly push himself to his limits and beyond. Not only did he continue to follow his interest but he developed his own style by composing erotic texts in the form of haiku. The writer takes scenes from life, capturing the ambiance on paper and creating a delicious blend of his favourite genres (surrealism, realism, impressionism).

The artist Fabrizio Peco, his first reader, encouraged him, challenging him to write and assert himself as a writer. The author wrote during his summer holiday, wherever inspiration found him: on the corner of a table, at a café terrace, in the hotel. He caught and put down on paper exquisite moments of love and sensuality, emotion and pleasure. Texts that are now bound together in Sensual'Été, his first collection of erotic writing in verse.

The pen moves quickly and lightly with this author of erotic texts. At one with the main character, both witness and narrator, the writer observes beauty as a spectator. His passion for words merges with that for the beautiful women he meets. Faithful to the emotions they arouse, the author uses words to paint what he feels, sees and experiences. Comfortable amidst this effervescence, Grégoire Fratacci rarely writes surrounded by calm and tranquillity: he needs to feel people around him for his creativity to flow freely. He then reworks his notes, polishing them until he finally obtains the “wow” factor he seeks, the one that will leave the reader breathless. Then comes the perfect finishing touch from the illustrator Solenne Zona, exalting the sensual nature of the texts.

From its very conception, the writer has given his priority to promoting Sensual'Été, preferring to publish it himself directly (ebook and paper) before contacting a publisher interested in his erotic texts. The author then decided to totally dedicate himself to writing, making it his second profession. Through his current literary projects, he continues to explore the world of Eros and of sensuality. Fans of this author of erotic texts will soon have the pleasure of discovering his world, revealed in its entirety.