Fabrizio Peco

A real artist. Thank you so much, my friend, my brother. You've shown me the way and inspired me to become an artist.

Epsi Lawn

It was a huge pleasure to meet you. Since our friendship did the rest. The adventure continues with music.


A superb collaboration on the album "Promesse". Today I still enjoy creating and producing music with you my friends.




I am and will be a mega fan forever AX. Don't change, never.

La Mia hit (official video) ft. Max Pezzali

Due Lipa

I love it. I love it. I just love it.

Don’t start now (official Music Video)

Sylvie Santelli

A wonderful meeting- mad talent. I love it. I love it. It's a great pleasure working with you.

Textile designer, graphic illustrator, graduate in Applied Arts from the Duperré school in Paris, Sylvie Santelli has worked for many years in the fashion industry. She adapts her graphic language to her clients. Her approach is based on sensitivity and empathy in order to best understand the needs and history of a project. This results in the production of custom graphics for brand identity, textile designs, illustration and many other adventures.